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The Window Lady crew all convey a range of techniques from their “previous lives” and all share a passion for carrying out quality work. We have been continuously learning from one another, and from the wide range of windows we face. Last year we restored over 600 windows and repaired Yet another seven-hundred+ windows.

Tobies Restoration is often a full assistance timberframe restoration company specializing in rejuvenating antique and traditional timbercraft structures so that they are able to have new life and new utilizes in today's New England.

View in galleryThe advantage of using a floating fireplace is that you don’t rely on walls to setup it

Usually, stone fireplaces don’t match a highly modern or simply a contemporary space. They are far more suitable for rustic-looking homes. Nevertheless, there’s also the choice of getting a faux stone fireplace which happens to be a little far more versatile.

Maintain the Appeal & Elegance of your existing windows significantly minimize heating & cooling charges compression-In good shape to eradicate drafts absolutely greatly decrease outside noise are perfect for enclosing screen porches save Power, save Dollars, & save History

In its modern revival, the Craftsman style remains to be as charming and attractive as ever mainly because it displays a back-to-nature aesthetic that appeals to homeowners.

It’s more challenging to combine a metal fireplace inside a home unless the design also features metal accents. On the flip side, on the other hand, metal fireplaces are exactly what an industrial home needs to look complete.

Regardless that Scandinavian fireplaces can feature a large range of different designs and shapes, they’re all easy to differentiate from all another styles.

Annabelle states that after developing what it truly is her customer wishes to store or display, she aims for “a shelving Remedy that’s ordinarily only one product deep. Basically, narrow more than enough to stop uncontrolled deep litter.”

My final purpose is to supply a fully working window that operates as it was at first intended. With that comes an aesthetic genuine on the home, a method of ventilation in warmer months, protection from temperature in cooler seasons and the safety of a window that offers a means of escape and home stability.

since the home of Doc Brown when Marty McFly travels back to 1955, the house has wide terraces, open sleeping porches, and customized-designed cabinetry and furniture.

Imagine it as the last word dual-purpose kitchen feature: open shelving helps you in your quest for Kondo-impressed minimalism and creates display space that will immediately update your kitchen.

For this explanation, we offer specialized products and services centered on restoring your home’s previous, wooden windows.

View in galleryFloating fireplaces have mostly simple and modern designs but they will look great in get more info every type of décor

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